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Facebook is one of the best platforms for digital marketing, but many people still have doubts about how to advertise or how much to invest without losing money and achieving results.

It is very difficult to specify how much it costs to advertise on Facebook. There are very successful businesses that advertise spending thousands of dollars monthly and others that have the same results investing hundreds of dollars.

The truth is that there is no ideal amount to invest in Facebook Ads. The answer in that case is: it depends!

It depends on your business, your audience, your goals… Anyway. To give you a correct answer, we would have to study particularly your strategy, your business and your audience.

I have decided to create this content to help you and there is one thing we are absolutely sure:

Regardless of your business, its structure and objectives, there is a way to reduce the costs of your campaigns on Facebook Ads, without impacting on your results and even enhancing them.

The key is to aim for ad optimization focusing on ROI.

If you are interested, come with me. I have separated three tips to reduce the costs of your campaigns on Facebook Ads without affecting your performance or results.

TIP #1 - Don't invest too much if you're just starting

On Facebook Ads is not the volume of your investment that will define the results you will get. What makes the difference on the platform is how well you are targeting your ads.

To avoid wasting money, especially if you are just starting, don’t invest too much.

Start small, look at the performance, the behavior of your target audience and if everything looks okay, increase the budget gradually.

Otherwise, pause your campaign, look at the metrics, and start a new one and keep adopting the same process until you find out what is working.

TIP #2 - Don't segment your audience too much in the beginning

I always say that, generally speaking, assertive targeting is the secret for a successful marketing campaign. Right?

On Facebook Ads, you have all the options to achieve this, but it’s not recommended that you narrow your audience too much at first.

That’s because the audience can get too small and your metrics won’t be as reliable in the future.

So don’t segment too much at the beginning. Just do the basics and once you have your metrics in hand, apply further constraints based on the data.

TIP #3 - Use daily budget in your Facebook Ads campaigns

If you already advertise, you are probably familiar with the forms of investment that are available in the platform.

You can choose “Lifetime Budget”, where you define an investment amount for the entire campaign and Facebook itself will divide this amount between the ads, analyzing the best times and days to show them to your target audience.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But there is a risk in that. For Facebook to find out the best days and time to show your ads it needs at least one week of testing.

And seven days is considered a long time, especially if you do not have a large budget. In the beginning, it will basically spend your budget with a lot of variation, bringing results that are also very variable until the end of the stipulated period.

But if you choose “Daily Budget”, the control will be in your hands. This means that you are the one who sets the spending ceiling per day.

If you are not satisfied with the results presented, you can either increase or decrease the investment per day, you can keep doing that until you find the perfect fit.

That’s it! I hope this content was relevant to you. Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments section.

I wish you success, see you!

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