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So, you’ve got your website and want to make some money? This is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to setup Google Adsense on your WordPress blog. You will learn how to signup for an account and how to setup the code so that when someone goes to your site they see ads. When using this strategy, you can make $300 a month with 20k pageviews. Sure beats $1.50 a pop through Paypal or Amazon!

If you would like to simulate how much you can earn with your website, use our free tool to find out your potential earnings

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We know that most companies want to appear on the first pages of Google. After all, being well positioned on one of the biggest search engines expands the volume of qualified traffic to a website significantly. In addition, this notoriety gradually increases Google's recognition of your page.
A website is like the foundation for a company's digital marketing and, just like in a house, a foundation doesn't protect anyone from the rain. Walls, ceiling and whatever is necessary are used to reach the final objective, that is how you should see digital marketing.
Start now by looking at what to avoid when creating campaigns using Google Ads, most people make these mistakes so if you avoid them, you will already be in front of your competitors. Follow up!
You see the number of visits to your hotel's website increasing, but the rooms are still empty: conversions are not happening. This shows that you need to develop an efficient digital marketing strategy and be more assertive, that is what we cover in this blog post.
In this article, we are going to explain how to drive traffic to your page with the help of Google. Let's understand how to generate more leads using Google Ads and how to align this tool with your landing page.

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