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Think of a website like it is a street. Now imagine a street with thousands of people going by everyday, wouldn’t it make sense for a business owner to pay to have their business in a billboard on a busy street? The same goes for a website! Google allows you to earn with your website by allocating space in it for ads.

No. Your earnings are based on your monthly traffic and your average cost per click. Some ads will pay you up to $0.20 per click, others no more than $0.02.

Yes. You can exclude ads by company name and topics. That way you also prevent your competitoros to advertise on your website. The list of topics is huge, it goes from erotic and gambling content to ads related to alcohol. In the AdSense dashboard you can see all the ads that have been shown on your website and prevent them from ever showing again.

Besides controlling what ads will be featured on your website, you can control how many ads can be shown per page and you can also exclude pages from delivering ads like your homepage for example. By keep in mind, the less ads you have on your website, the lower your earnings will be. Finding the right balance is the key here.

To earn more with AdSense you have to have more website visitors and creating content is the most solid effort you can make to increase the number of people that access your website. You can create content using video, articles or tools that help people with something. My advice is use your expertise and create content about things people are searching for it.

Nothing. All you have to do is setup Google AdSense on your website, this is a free tool so you do not have to pay anything. However, Google will check if you meet the eligibility requirements.

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