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So, you’ve got your website and want to make some money? This is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to setup Google Adsense on your WordPress blog. You will learn how to signup for an account and how to setup the code so that when someone goes to your site they see ads. When using this strategy, you can make $300 a month with 20k pageviews. Sure beats $1.50 a pop through Paypal or Amazon!

If you would like to simulate how much you can earn with your website, use our free tool to find out your potential earnings

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What keywords does my site rank for? Read this blog post and learn how to find the keywords you are ranking for in Google.
Keep in mind that a successful blog has to be positioned correctly to attract the desired audience. That's why I've separated some tips to help you start building your blog right now.
Learn how you can use SEO and Content Marketing to make your business appear on the first page of Google even with billions of websites competing with yours.
The content marketing strategy to attract more customers is becoming incredibly popular. The production of content, such as articles for blog articles, videos, e-books, among others, is essential for those who want to increase sales.

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