OFF-PAGE SEO: Optimization In 5 Easy Steps

We know that most companies want to appear on the first pages of Google. After all, being well positioned on one of the biggest search engines expands the volume of qualified traffic to a website significantly. In addition, this notoriety gradually increases Google’s recognition of your page.

Thus, one of the main reasons to invest in an SEO strategy is the fact that the greater the number of visitors, the more opportunities to generate conversions the company will have. These conversions can represent selling products, generating leads, requesting a quote, among other activities.

Therefore, many companies use the most recommended SEO tactics when it comes to improving the ranking of a website. However, many forget that there are other tactics that focus on what happens off the page. These strategies are called Offpage SEO.

But what exactly is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO consists of actions carried out by the company and partners outside the website, with the purpose of improving the website’s position in Google results.

After all, to gain authority on Google, it is essential that the search engine understand how relevant your website is on the internet. Next, we’ll talk about the main steps to create a perfect Off-Page SEO strategy. Follow up!

How to perform this optimization in 5 steps?

1. Create unforgettable content

One of the best strategies to grab attention on the internet and attract powerful links to your website is with content marketing. That is, have a blog and create content frequently. The more people your content reaches, the more chances your site has to receive interesting links. Find partner blogs that can link to your page and help your site gain more traction.

content marketing is essential

But remember that these link building strategies must be applied according to context. Otherwise, trying to boost a site’s popularity to gain more traffic will be frustrating! That is, it is not just about the quantity, but the quality of the received links.

It is important to note that relevant content is based on your persona’s main challenges and interests. Therefore, seek to clearly identify all the habits of the character that represents your ideal customer. Only with this information will it be possible to create original content that gains the interest of your potential customers.

2. Have an active participation in social media

Social media is a great channel to build a positive reputation for your business. Consequently, through these networks, it is possible to increase popularity in the market by sharing content and interacting with potential customers. Create an online presence on social media and become a digital reference.

actively engage in social media

The relationship between brands and consumers was totally transformed with the arrival of these networks. The ability of people to spread a message is improved with these channels. In this way, more and more people will be reached by your brand. As a result, this notoriety increases your website traffic and opportunities to generate business. Think about it!

3. Interact with your audience in a strategic way

Another very efficient strategy for spontaneously attracting links is to comment on blogs in the same niche. Make comments on some articles with relevant arguments, solve possible doubts and/or create a debate on the subject discussed. This increases your website’s authority and therefore attracts more people to it.

Just like blogs, groups and forums are very conducive spaces to share your content. It is important to be careful not to create SPAM, but to demonstrate relevance and credibility in your market. In this way, you have the opportunity to transform your business into a reference in the segment and gain valuable links to your website.

4. Find the most important websites to get quality backlinks

To find the most relevant sites that can help you get qualified backlinks, use the Similar Site Search tool. Just enter the URL of your portal and the tool will present the sites with topics related to yours. In this way, you can propose a guest posting strategy, that is, invite the main sites on this list to write on your blog.

backlinks increase your website's authority

In addition to increasing traffic volume with the guest site audience, which is already fantastic, your blog will get a lot of backlinks. So, the more quality links your site receives, the more credibility it will have with Google. Consequently, the more trust your page inspires, the better it will rank in search results.

5. Incorporate Off-Page SEO Strategies into On-Page SEO Actions

It’s no use trying to attract more visitors and increase the number of incoming links if the site doesn’t apply basic SEO tactics internally. Don’t forget to optimize your page titles and subtitles, create user-friendly meta descriptions and URLs and, above all, define the most relevant keywords.

Optimized internal pages make a difference in ranking in search engine results. Therefore, it is essential that they are interconnected with alternate keywords. That is, it is essential that internal links are distributed evenly between pages. This creates healthy equivalence within the site.

off page and on page seo improve your google rankings

Digital Marketing presents several opportunities for companies that want to stand out in the market and outperform their competitors. However, many brands make terrible mistakes when hiring amateurs to build their strategy in the online environment.

To prevent this from happening to your business, hire an agency with expertise in digital strategies. In this way, you guarantee the efficiency of each action and achieve brilliant results for your company.

That’s it! I hope this content was relevant to you. Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments section.

I wish you success, see you!

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