Here Is Your First Step Before Starting On Google Ads

Google Ads

Here is your first step before starting on Google Ads

We all have a passion. It can be a sport, a hobby, or any other activity and even though we are not professionals, we still try our best, right? Think about the times you have played a pickup game with your friends, you probably yelled, you cursed, you called people out, you may have even got hurt… And you know you feel a lot happier when you have given everything you could have. I know because I am like that too. Professionals prepare for a game, they get organized, they practice, they gather information about their opponents, they think about strategies to win.

But what about big companies? What do they do? They have well-designed websites, they invest in market research, they know who their target audience is, they know their age, gender, location, the time of the day they usually buy, the time of year their products have a higher demand, they constantly see their competitors’ offers and try to come up with better deals.

The beauty of Google Ads when you know your ideal client.

When you have data about your customers and you invest in Google Ads, you officially enter the big game. Even with a budget as low as 15$, 20$ per day you can compete against the big players. Large companies do Google Ads in a national scale and that leaves up so much room for smaller companies to dominate their local area. The beauty of Google Ads is appearing at the time people are searching for a product or service. And it gets better because you can choose to appear for only the people that are most likely to buy from you. And that is why having data is so powerful.

Having data about your customers, allows you to identify who is your ideal profile of client, you know when they are likely to buy, know how they would look for your service. The more data you have, more potential for results you will have. For example, let us imagine you sell wooden pallets. Think about the people who are more likely to buy from you. How would they search for it? Do you think people have better chances of buying it from a mobile device or from a computer? I would say a computer. People will still definitely look for it on their phone, but when they are trying to buy it, most likely they will do on a computer. On Google Ads, you would be able to increase your bids for anyone doing searches from desktop browsers and decrease your bids for mobile devices. Ultimately, your results will tell you where you should allocate more and less budget.

“In Google Ads, knowing when and for whom to appear is just as
important as knowing when and for whom not to appear.”

Let us imagine another hypothetical scenario and where you have a store that sell car batteries. If people are searching for a specific model of battery on Google, would it be a good time to appear? Most people would argue in favor of it, but think about it for a second. If you consider the intent of a search for a specific model of battery, what is the most probable scenario? People are looking for tech specifications or a manual or are they trying to buy that specific model? I would go with the first option. Of course, this is not always the case, it varies from industry to industry and that is why when you understand your customers behaviors and interests you can succeed using Google Ads.
Even though Google Ads works for the majority of the companies, it is not for everyone, Google has regulations in its advertising platform that could make your business not eligible for ads in the Google Network. If you would like to schedule a call for a free consultation, send me a DM and I will be glad to help.

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I wish you success, see you!

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