Why Isn’t Your Content Generating Sales?

A company can attract and gain attention with the goals of an Internet business strategy, little by little serving that strategy. But the most important thing you should be doing is teach your audience to buy your product or service using Digital Marketing.

I’m not talking about producing video lessons on how to use your website’s shopping cart, or writing a return policy page. I’m talking about using Inbound Marketing to spark desire, urgency, and awareness that your audience is leaving money on the table by not buying from you!

In this blog, I will give you tips on how to generate content that sells for itself.

How to come up with good content marketing?

Content Marketing is a very common Digital Marketing strategy in Inbound Marketing, which uses the creation and sharing of useful materials – that meet people’s search intentions – in different formats, such as e-books, videos, or content in blogs, it’s just like the one you’re reading right now.

content marketing is king

All of this together is capable of improving sales because they educate people about what a brand has to offer, and using SEO and paid media, you can make that content more easily to be found on the Internet.

These should be your objective when creating content:

  • Reach the Ideal Customer Profile;
  • Gain authority and trust;
  • Convert a visitor into a lead;
  • Make people remember of your brand;
  • Teach the lead to buy from the company.

Through content, the audience also sees the company’s interest in the success of its customer — which increases the chances of closing a deal with you when buying a more complete solution!

After all, why isn’t your content generating sales?

I don’t know which market niche you operate in, nor have I analyzed your company’s metrics, but it is likely that at least one of the causes presented below is the real reason for the lack of sales with your content. Check out:

1. You don’t have a well-defined sales funnel

A sales funnel is as obvious of an idea as it sounds: a funnel with a top, middle and bottom that guides a curious person through the entire buying journey.

The person is first a mere visitor, who can become a contact (lead) and then a customer. If all goes well, she will still become a fan and promoter of your brand!

Let’s see more details about this process from an example? Think with me:

When a person searches for a solution on Google and lands on a company’s website, they don’t necessarily know the brand, they don’t know that they have more complete solutions to solve their problem and they may not even know they’re willing to pay for it.

Let’s imagine you sell a product or a service that helps people solve a problem they don’t even know they have. We could be talking about a knee pain, or losing weight. People are looking for ways to solve the problem, but they do not know about your company and it’s your job to create content to match those searches.

We say that those potential customers are at the top of the funnel.

a well defined sales funnel is very important

The role of Content Marketing is to make you so amazed at what the brand has made available to help you, that it will accept too many content suggestions because it will trust your ability to solve problems related to that subject.

With a well-structured sales funnel, each step of the visitor in this discovery is guided in the direction of the company’s goals – and if he was not aware of how much this company was “missing” in his life, it is in the middle of the funnel that the brand has the opportunity to demonstrate this.

At the bottom of the funnel, this potential customer will be so close to the company—and the company so close to their needs—that conversion from lead to customer is more likely than unlikely.

Without a well-defined sales funnel, this becomes harder to happen!

2. You’re not talking to the right audience

A Persona is the portrait of each individual of your target audience, who could develop interest in what your brand has to offer – so having well-defined personas is also very important to talk to who you want.

When we design a persona with unique characteristics rather than general ones, we are able to craft a tone of voice that aligns with the visitor’s or lead’s vocabulary — allowing us to use the right triggers, at the right times, to inspire action on their part.

defining your target audience is the first step to create content

The sales funnel remains important, because the position of this potential customer in the purchase journey will depend on their awareness of what the brand can do to solve the problems they face.

Without a funnel mapped, or without activating the correct triggers, he won’t feel confident completing the purchase.

And if you’re not hitting your goals, did you see how one of the reasons can be in the public approach? So understand, with our free guide, how to unlock your sales by structuring your persona well and creating perfect strategies for each stage of the buying journey!

3. Your content is not clear enough

I imagine you have seen other content on the Internet about Content Marketing. How many of them felt like “more of the same” until you got here?

This “copy and paste” movement is the Achilles heel of companies that are obsessed with growth, but that still don’t understand that the expansion of a company in the digital environment is a consequence of content that transforms the lives of real people!

I am well aware that what influences the decision to close a deal is, mainly, the sharing of structured, clear content that actually conveys the message that our company wants to convey.

4. Your Call To Action (CTA) is not effective enough

a clear call to action can make a huge impact

You don’t know what’s competing for your audience’s attention while consuming your content. There’s also no way to know if they’re going to act on your goals—unless you ask them to!

A well-placed call to action (CTA) in content reinforces what you expect your audience to do after consuming it. CTAs that give objective instructions — according to each step of the journey — can achieve up to 202% more conversions compared to content without any kind of call.

It may seem silly, but one of the reasons your business isn’t selling may be the lack of an obvious request about what you’d like people to do during or after consuming your content.

5. You are not qualifying leads correctly

Have you ever heard of Lead Scoring? It’s a score to identify which leads are hotter or colder in relation to what the brand wants them to do.

When the lead is “quality”, he is warmer: open to deepening a relationship with the company and buying from it, demonstrating this through multiple visits to the website or blog, downloading materials, sending messages, etc.

A cold lead, on the other hand, is just the opposite: no matter how hard you try, he doesn’t engage at all — and, therefore, is further away from the purchase.

Knowing how to qualify leads directly impacts sales growth because, without identifying who is who in the contact base, you end up “singing to the wrong audience”.

6. You’re picking up the signals

Make no mistake: even if the sales funnel is a step by step with a top, middle and bottom, your lead can show interest in closing a deal at any time.

This is when we say the lead has “raised his hand”—he gives permission to the marketing team to direct him to the sales team because he believes the brand will be a perfect match.

stay alert with signals your audience might be giving you

Keeping an eye on the raises is crucial to not stop selling to those who want to buy — and who, with Inbound Marketing, will buy more often.

So, be sure to give this opportunity to the lead throughout your content through offers and CTAs!

Generate more sales!

Now that you understand the possible causes of your sales not happening, keep in mind that context is significant in a successful Digital Marketing strategy — especially when creating content for Inbound Marketing.

content distribution strategy will help you define the type of content on each one of the channels you are using

I have learned, in more than three years of work, is that different types of companies need to update themselves to leave the molds established by the marketing of the past — or even by the “more of the same” Digital Marketing that we still see for Ouch.

This requires observation and innovation on the part of the brand, so that it does not forget that it is dealing with real people!

Use your common sense to understand the real reason why your company is not generating more sales and, if you need help, get in touch with me. It will be a pleasure to help you!

That’s it! I hope this content was relevant to you. Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments section.

I wish you success, see you!

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