Use Google In Your Favor To Generate More Leads

If you are looking for more customers for your business, whether to boost sales or maintain your company’s financial health, lead generation can be a great alternative. We’ve already seen that leads are users who have shown some interest in your brand and have huge potential to become customers. But before users become leads, they need to come to your website and get to know your business.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to explain how to drive traffic to your page with the help of Google. Let’s understand how to generate more leads using Google Ads and how to align this tool with your landing page.

How to generate more leads with Google Ads?

Google Ads is a platform that allows you to create ads to be displayed on Google’s search results page or on websites that are part of the Google Network. But for the investment in sponsored links to be worth it and bring good leads, it is necessary to take some care with planning, monitoring and optimizing your campaigns.

Knowing your audience

You have to know exactly who your campaign is aimed at. Conduct market research and polls to find out who your target audience is. If possible, go a little further and create a buyer persona.

Understand what your potential customers need, what their challenges are and what their search behavior is when looking for a solution like the one you offer.

Creating an effective campaign

With this information, you can already come up with good keyword ideas. Use them to create ads that make it clear what benefit people get from your product or service. Include a callout to guide the user to click on the ad (and be directed to a landing page) or to get in touch.

Monitoring, testing and documenting the campaign

Then, track your campaign performance, track how many clicks your ads received, and analyze how many of those clicks converted into leads.

Try making changes to the campaign and keep following to understand what is working well and what is not. You should use what works well and document what you learn along the way.

If the results are very undesirable, the problem may be with your landing page.

How to prepare your landing page to convert visitors into leads?

Having a page with a complete description of your product or service and its benefits is not enough. A complete landing page needs to allow the user to provide basic contact details via a form. It’s filling out and submitting the form that separates your audience between visitors and leads.

Focus on User Experience

Think about the user experience when they arrive and browse your landing page. Make sure it is clear of obstacles. Leave navigation links at the bottom of the page to keep the user’s attention where it really matters: in the content and in the form.

Deliver valuable content

Your content should be concise and clearly demonstrate the value of your solution. Use visuals to make your offer easier to understand: a short video or an image, when well chosen, can convey a message faster than text.

Optimize the contact form

Ideally, the form should be highlighted (the background color of the form should contrast with the color of the landing page), have clear fields and be as simple as possible. In general, users give up filling in forms with many fields. Therefore, request only essential data.

Generate genuine leads

If your form is submitted without the necessary data or with false data, the generated lead is no longer valid. Avoid filling errors, incomplete data and spam (there are automated programs for this purpose) by applying validation to the fields.

Also consider the inclusion of captcha functionality, that field that requires you to identify misshapen letters and numbers, to confirm that it was a real person who filled it out.

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