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Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools of the internet. It is not easy to learn and it takes time and practice to get good at it. I have learned from a lot of mistakes I have made in the beginning, so in this article I am sharing 7 important tips so you can do well in Google Ads.


Always use ad extensions in your campaigns, and if possible use all the extension possibilities that Google offers.

According to Google, “Ad extensions expand your ad with additional information, offering people more reasons to choose your company. They usually increase the click-through rate of an ad by several percentage points. Extension formats include call buttons, information location, links to specific parts of your site, additional text, and more.”

Few advertisers pay attention ad extensions optimization, and this is one of the essential factors to improve results on Google Ads campaigns.


If you are targeting the entire United States, start with excluding some regions. Focus your budget on regions that are most profitable.

Following the same logic, check the regions that bring the most return through the conversion metrics and the lowest cost per conversion, you can also raise and lower bids for certain regions or even disable them.


Do not start spending a lot on Google Ads. Invest according to your results and increase the budget according to your ROI.⠀


In Google Ads there will are 3 basic goal strategies and within them, you will be able to choose the format closer to your goal. It is necessary to remember that choosing your campaign goal does not exempt you from having to configure your entire campaign, ok?

Let’s get to know the 3 types of basic goals for Google Ads campaigns:

I recommend using the Enhanced CPC or Target CPA options. Remember, never use CPM if your focus is sales.


Use English and Spanish. If your budget is low, you can start by choosing only English.⠀

Use English and Spanish. If your budget is low, you can start by choosing only English.⠀


Target people who are more likely to buy from you. Use Age and Gender options to identify who the buying audience is.

When you create a display or a search campaign, exclude anyone who is not your target audience. If you have a low budget, remove the unknown audience that Google can’t identify.

If 80% of your customers are men, advertise only to men, especially with a low budget.


Set the days and times that make sense for your business. If you only operate in business hours, there is no point on showing your ad to people outside of that range.

In the ad schedule section, check the days of the week and times. According to the result of conversions and cost per conversion, you can lower bids, raise bids or even opt out certain day/time. Always use the 60 or 90 day history to have more correct data to do these changes.

If you would like to learn more about advertising on the Display Network or have your website become part of the Display Network, drop me a note.

That’s it! I hope this content was relevant to you. Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments section.

I wish you success, see you!

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