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It’s not Google’s fault, it’s your strategy.

When you create a campaign for the first time on Google is totally normal to not achieve the expected result. And the biggest problem is not the fact that you did not achieve results, the problem is when you you blame it on Google saying that it doesn’t work and then you give up on advertising.

Don’t give up! Many people instead of analyzing what went wrong, give up. It’s not Google’s fault, it’s your strategy. You should face the lack of results as a learning experience.

When you create a campaign, invest money and it does not bring any return to your pockets, it is time to take a look at the four main pillars of a Google Ads campaign.

These four pillars guarantee results not only on Google, but also on Facebook, Instagram, or any other paid media. They are:

If we look at these four pillars, each of them has a different function. One depends on another for the campaign to be well structured.

The purpose of the ad is to grab attention. While the goal of segmentation is to hit the right target audience. Getting this right might seem easy, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Many people have a hard time defining their target audience, especially when they’re starting from scratch.

A good ad will generate a good amount of clicks, but clicks do not necessarily translate into sales. That’s why it’s important to have a good segmentation, so these clicks come from people who will actually buy. If you have have 1,000 clicks and 0 conversions, you are bringing unqualified clicks.

The landing page’s objective is to generate conversions to reach your goal. So it needs to be very well thought out and organized. However, you can have a great website, but if you don’t have an enticing offer, you’re not going to sell. Therefore, it is necessary to align all these four pillars to achieve results on Google.

For each one of the aforementioned pillars there are metrics that we can use to measure its quality. Click-through rate, also known as CTR is a metric that shows if your ad is flashy enough or not.

CTR is nothing more than a formula that calculates the amount of clicks divided by impressions. Impressions is the number of times your ads appear.

So if you have 100 impressions and only 1 click, that means your CTR is 1%. For the search network, 1% is already good, but the more the better, because it indicates that your ad is attractive and it is showing to the right people.

What are the common mistakes we can spot in an ad?


When you create an ad on the Google search network, you have to come up with headlines and descriptions, then you need add extensions to make your ad look better. You can add sitelink extensions phone extension, location extension, features extension, etc., all to bring more clicks to your ad.

Another important factor is that ads are not only in text format. There are ads with text, with images, in video, so it is necessary to choose the most striking way.

Anyone creating an ad should look at their own ad and ask themselves: would I buy this if this ad appeared for me? Another tip is also ask the opinion of other people. A good test is to show your ad along with other competitors and ask a person which ad they would click on, which one is more interesting and attracted more attention.

Look for other ads for inspiration. If you work in sales, marketing, traffic, Google Ads, have a business, then you need to love ads. Start loving to see ads on the internet, so you can learn and excel more and more, optimize your ads in the most flashy and persuasive way possible. The best way to learn from the bests is to watch them do it.

So don’t be afraid to look at your competitors’ ads. Use them as inspiration, without copying and always looking to do it better. Become a critic who admires other people’s ads.

While creating a campaign it is very important that you have your target audience well defined. It’s a big problem when people “think” who their audience is. Guessing without data does not bring good results. Don’t go with gut feeling, do what you’re sure about and what the data is really showing.

The biggest mistake in targeting is keyword choice. Keywords are the heart of a campaign, if the heart doesn’t beat correctly the campaign dies. Analyze your keywords very well and spend as much time as it takes, after all, optimizing a campaign is never a waste of time.

How to identify if my segmentation is right or wrong?

For ads we analyze the CTR. But this metric is also used for measuring targeting. If your CTR is low, you can be sure your ad isn’t flashy and isn’t showing to the right people. Therefore, the CTR is also an indicator of whether your targeting is right or wrong.

For example, if you have a video ad and that ad loses a lot of audience in the first seconds, the people who are watching this ad are not interested in that content. So it makes no sense to keep appearing to them.

When you advertise on the search network, you select keywords that people will search for. But when you advertise on the display network, which is YouTube, partner sites and blogs, Facebook and Instagram, those are interest-targeted. However, you can still include custom audiences based on keywords.

If you would like to learn more about it, check my Display Campaign tutorial and jump straight to the end of the page.

Everything you search on the internet Google knows, he is the “Guru” who doesn’t make mistakes. In addition to interests, there are other important information such as age, family income, gender, locations, times, devices, etc.

Defining the ideal target audience can take some time, for this it is necessary to always be analyzing and segmenting your campaign.

Let’s see what is a good example of segmentation: If you advertise fur coats for people in Miami in the middle of summer will you generate results? Most likely not, this ad will be appearing for an extremely hot location. It may generate some sales, but not the expected.

This seems obvious, but the obvious needs to be said, since many people give up advertising on Google for not doing what is obvious.

In segmentation, we can say that there is no right or wrong, you have to test and see what works the best for you. The important thing is not to give up, as there will be always a way to improve. Remember, segmentation is power.

The metric that indicates if your landing page is good or not is the amount of sales/leads it generates. If your ad is very flashy, your targeting is hitting the buying public, everything indicates that a qualified click is coming to your site, but if people are not buying or not converting into leads, it’s a sign that your Landing page need improvements.

One thing is for sure: advertising something well done or poorly done takes the same amount of work. So it’s worth stopping a little bit, then creating a well-structured and eye-catching landing page before advertising.

Does making a good landing page work? Evidently. But as it is difficult to do it, it’s something that has little competition. If your landing page outperforms the competition, you will be ahead of them. When a person is searching for something, they will enter several websites until they find the one that attracts them the most.

So we can say that a good landing page is one that fulfills its objective. One of the main mistakes I see is that often the objective of a landing page is not well defined. Instead of creating something broad that opens a range of options, focus on a single action.

Tips for creating a good landing page

A seductive offer can convert a website visitor into sales or lead. Offer is not only about the price. You can sell at a higher price than your competition, as long as you justify it. Think for example, why do people pay so much more for an iPhone than for a Samsung?

Even though iPhones are more expensive, it offers more benefits and advantages to the user. Apple also has a notorious authority on the subject and there is plenty of social proof through their users.

Compare what you sell to what your competitors are selling and ask yourself, which one would you buy it? What is your differentiator? Why should someone buy from you and not from somebody else?

Saying that your service or product has good quality is not a seductive offer. After all, quality is the minimum expected, it is not a differential.

An offer is simply offering something to someone, but a seductive offer is to leave someone impressed by something. Seduction has a broader meaning, it’s linked to everything you can’t resist, everything that draws attention. Some people are seduced by chocolate, others by football games. Seduction is what is beyond of your control.

The maximum level of the offer is to make it irresistible, that’s when the rational factor falls and the emotional is involved. Most of our purchases are on impulse, you are seduced by something and end up buying it at that moment.

A seductive offer will make someone go to your landing page and not leave without taking a desired action or a purchase.

I have talked about the four pillars that guarantee results on Google, when you align a flashy ad, good segmentation, landing page that converts and a seductive offer, you will get better results.

In addition, you need to assess your reputation. Anyone buying something on the internet is looking for more information, which is usually made available by the customers themselves. If there are a lot of complaints about your company, the product or service, Google won’t do a miracle.

For those who have a business that sells online, understand that marketing, sales and traffic are the core of your business. So even if you outsource the service, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of it. Without sales your business dies.

When you start on Google you need to start with something well made. That’s why it’s important to understand how it works.

That’s it! I hope this content was relevant to you. Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments section.

I wish you success, see you!

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