After running ads on Google for one year and having managed over 50,000 dollars on the platform, I have had the chance to build, manage and learn all sorts of campaigns by doing it in several industries, markets and across two different countries.

I have built video campaigns for Youtube, campaigns for the search network so companies can be found when people look for them or their products/services on Google. And even display and discovery campaigns which allows companies to advertise using banners on several websites and on the Gmail network.

Google Ads is great tool to bring visibility to companies. Visibility not only to those who are already looking for what companies offer, but also to those who are not even aware of a company’s existence.

With that being said, I have summarized below the most important things I have learned while operating Google Ads for companies.

A) The long run is what will drive significant results

In an environment where things happen with such intensity and rapidness as the internet, it is inevitable to think about quick actions that can reach goals practically instantaneously. However, it is necessary to think about long-term work, capable of making this presence of companies more effective.

To obtain better returns for your company, it is essential to think about longer lasting projects. Constant results and a better ranking on Google are only possible after a good strategy maintained for months.

B) Knowing your audience is key on Google Ads

If you believe everyone can buy your product/service, but you never really studied your audience. Sorry to tell you, but you’re wrong! You need to know EXACTLY who is buying from your company. Guessing has no use on Google Ads. And I only know this because I’ve already made this mistake.

Let’s pretend for a second you own a jewelry store and 80% of your customers are women, if you start a campaign on Google Ads for everyone, the tool will spend your budget equally between men and women. Wouldn’t you think you are likely to get more sales with the one hundred women than with one hundred men?

Even though men can also buy from you, if your best audience is women, it’s not wise to allocate the same budget to these two different audiences. Don’t put everything in the same campaign! Segment. The secret of Google Ads is to focus on who is more likely to buy from you.

C) People search for things in many different ways

We do thousands of searches every day, and to find the information we want, we have to type a phrase or a term that is related to what we are looking for, right? On Google Ads, this is a two-way street. On one side we have someone typing a phrase or a term, and the other side needs to use the same search terms, or at least the related ones on their campaign, for it to appear in the search results.

Let’s use a different example now and let’s say you sell sneakers over the internet. You have sneakers of several specific models. On Google, people can search for terms such as “basketball shoes”, “running shoes”, more specific terms such as “running shoes for high arches” and also generic terms such as “shoe store near me”.

After running campaigns for awhile, Google’s search terms data will show you how people are looking for and finding your business. You will be surprised what you can learn with the data and how you can use that information to increase the bid on terms that are more likely to generate sales, and also get rid of the ones that have poor performance. Remember that the more specific the search terms are, the fewer people will see your ad, after all you’re filtering interest.

D) Most people do not know about you or your company

If you have product or solution that can solve problems or make people’s lives better or easier, you should definitely consider the people who don’t know who you are what you have to offer on your online strategy. Most of the times these people don’t even know about the pain they have and/or how to solve their problems. It’s your mission to present it to them.

This stage is known as the top of the funnel. It will be through this step that you will make your first impression. Many of these people will not advance this stage, but for your brand or company this is positive, since you are filtering the ones who are interested. To create content for this step you will have to, in a natural way, show people that they have a problem they are not aware of.

For example: being overweight, having problems concentrating, not being able to answer all the emails, not being able to train their dog to do poop in the right place… the pain can be as distinct as possible, but you will have to present them accordingly. For this step, Youtube Ads is a powerful tool to reach new people.

The topics I have listed above are just a few things I have learned while using Google Ads, the more I do, the more I learn. My passion for technology aligned with the satisfaction I have with helping people is what motivates me to create these blog articles. I feel like everyone should have access to information and my goal is to share as much as I can. Hopefully, this content can be useful for you.

Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions and I will be glad to help you.

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