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Lead Generation With YouTube Ads

Today’s topic is lead generation on YouTube. Basically, leads are people interested in buying from you. These are people who leave their contact information so you can get in touch with them later. It can be an email, phone number, WhatsApp or other ways of contact.

For example, I am interested in buying real estate, as a lead I would give my phone number to a realtor. My leads are interested in hiring one of my services, so I capture their emails to contact those potential buyers. Becoming a lead is the step before the purchase.

An example: Let’s say we take 100 people to a website. Out of those 100, 20 become leads, and 2 actually make a purchase decision.

YouTube has become one of the best ways to get leads and there are several reasons for that. One of the main ones is the cost, it’s cheaper to advertise on YouTube. That’s because there is a lot of space to appear in relation to the number of advertisers, which is low. Google still has a lot of ad space to fill.

Recent data show that Facebook and Instagram, are getting closer and closer to a saturation limit, so ads are naturally getting more expensive. YouTube is much cheaper because the competition is low.

Why advertise on Youtube?

1. It is the world's most popular video platform

If you still do not advertise on YouTube, it’s probably because you don’t understand the power of the platform. Or maybe because you still do not know how to create campaigns that generate results. There are several ways you can generate results on YouTube, with remarketing campaigns you can reach people who already know about you or your business. You can also create ads for conversion assistance, this is when you create content focusing on people’s objections.

If you would like to get ideas for your ads, watch this video below. I explain the thought process to create video campaigns.

2. It creates brand awareness through videos

Another reason to do YouTube advertisement is because it offers video, image and text. There is a famous phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures”. When you make a video ad, even if someone watches it and doesn’t do any action or doesn’t buy your product, you’ve paid maybe $0.04-$0.06 cents, and that has also made your brand known. You are strengthening your brand, making it better known, at a very low cost. Through videos you can make people connect with you even more.

Tell me, which do you think is better: video, image or text ad? In my case, I always prioritize video. This works for physical or digital products and services as well. Video generally makes the ad cheaper and creates a better connection with the audience.

3. YouTube can build qualified remarketing audiences

Matter of fact, creating remarketing audience is another reason to advertise on YouTube. This allows you to advertise to people who have watched one of your videos. Remarketing audiences can improve your results as these are people who have showed interest in seeing your video.

If you would like to include your YouTube audience for remarketing campaigns, watch this video below. This video has the step by step tutorial to include people who have already engaged with your YouTube channel in your campaigns.

4. You can make people take an action after seeing your ad

In the past, YouTube did not have this option to generate leads. YouTube only had standard videos that worked more for branding than anything else. But since everything is measured by performance, YouTube created a new feature to allow people to take an action while watching video ads. People who advertise on the internet, especially small and medium businesses want to make their dollars worthy. They want to see results.

This is the important part you need to be aware of. The focus of your video needs to be on getting your audience to take an action.

How do YouTube Ads work?

There are two types of lead generation campaigns that we can create on Youtube. One is what we call In Feed Video Ads (or Ad Discovery) and the other is the InStream Skippable Ad (or Trueview For Action).

In Feed Videos

The In Feed Videos are the ones that appear on YouTube in the right side list in the first position while you’re watching a video.


Or on the Youtube search results when people search for related keywords.


This is very effective as it requires the user to click on the video to watch it, and people will only click on it if they have some interest in the subject.

InStream Skippable Videos

The other type of video ad is the InStream Skippable Ad. Which is the one that appeared before or in the middle of a video and people can skip it after 5 seconds.

The view for this type of ad is only counted when the user watches 30 seconds or the entire video, if there is less. In other words, you don’t pay Youtube per view, but for a Trueview.

I will be releasing a video about this campaign soon. In the meantime, if you would like to understand more about YouTube video ads, follow my YouTube channel.


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