How To Create High Conversion Landing Pages

To succeed in converting curious people into leads who are willing to buy you also need pages that are more objective than your company’s website or blog. These are known as “landing pages”.

Landing pages are known for their high conversion rates. But how do you create a successful landing page that actually converts? Keep reading to understand more.

A landing page is a single web page that captures someone’s attention and prompts an immediate action. Landing pages are generally used to drive traffic from online advertising campaigns and are often the first point of contact for potential customers who have not yet engaged with your brand.

You must have already accessed a landing page like this one out there:

landing pages need to have one clear call to action

When someone searches on Google and, for example, finds content relevant to their needs on a company’s blog, it “opens doors” to opportunities to offer even more clarification (or provoke desires) to that person through strategic interactions. Whether to increase the conversion of visitors into leads, offer to sign up for a newsletter or promote the right product to the ideal customer.

How does a landing page work in practice?

You know when ads appear to download free content and you land on their page — like the one I just showed you above — where all you have to do is fill out a form with your name, email address, or phone number?

In this case, the ad you have clicked on is at the top of the marketing funnel: the stage that aims to attract and convert you into a contact (lead).

Upon clicking, you are directed to a distraction-free landing page, with the form to be filled out to confirm your registration and download an e-book, to watch an educational video or even receive it by email.

In that moment, in exchange for the content that helps with a problem or question, a person will become a lead for the company.

In a few words, landing pages are used to:

  • Enable the exchange of content for contact information;
  • Educate the lead on the next steps;
  • Nurture the relationship with the lead (initiating sending email marketing after confirmation, for example);
  • Convince the lead that the company has a more complete solution to the problems they face (sales).

With this strategy, you can attract, conquer, sell and delight your customers with amazing content. Do you see now how landing pages create exchange scenarios where everyone wins?!

The importance of landing pages in digital marketing strategies

Lead Generation

lead generation is the main goal of a landing page

In order not to lose the visitor’s attention, or even lose the visitor entirely when he leaves your website or blog, we use landing pages to have a way to interact with potential customers in the future.

Without a specific page to convince the visitor to become a lead, the entire marketing effort can go down the drain since, without the possibility of contact, there is no chance of nurturing a relationship.

Lead Scoring

by scoring leads you can measure who are the leads that are most likely to buy from you

Lead Scoring is a point attribution system based on different behavior metrics, signaling when a lead is hot, that is: willing to act in accordance with the company’s goals.

A visitor skipping pages is less likely to buy from you than a lead who signed up for the email list to access exclusive company content, do you agree with me?

We use lead scoring to identify who has the greatest potential to receive an offer and close a deal, and who needs more nurturing before receiving a proposal.

Lead Segmentation

segmenting your leads can improve your marketing effort results

Having different landing pages to separate leads by interest groups is another advantage of using these pages in Digital Marketing.

Since they are segmented by preferences or Lead Scoring, it is simple to create automated email marketing campaigns, for example, that multiply conversion rates by delivering the right offer, to the right person, at the right time!

Decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Landing pages in Inbound Marketing promote an interactive relationship between the lead and the brand and, in this way, the process of selling to new customers (or selling more to the same customers) becomes easier for the company, which has its profit margin increased as the expenses for doing so decrease.

How to create landing pages that convert and generate results?

Have a clear and defined goal

a clear call to action will improve your conversion rate

It’s no use creating a landing page that isn’t straightforward. Think about what will be the objective of your landing page, if it is to have people book a call with you, the buttons or call to actions on the page, needs to direct people to book a phone call.

Don’t give the leads more than one option to act, that will only cause more distractions and hurt your conversions.

In the content of the page, you need to give your visitors what they want, whether if it is a video format, an e-book, or simply information about a problem or question they are searching for.

Be transparent with information

The offer text (or “copy”) on the landing page needs to be persuasive without being lying, showing why the offer is a must-see and what it can do for the visitor.

Also make it clear that he will be part of the company’s communication list, that he can unsubscribe whenever he wants and that his contact information will not be used to send any type of SPAM (unsolicited messages).

Have a good and clean design

a good design is very important for first impressions

First impression matters! In the case of a landing page, the appearance of the page will be vital to not losing a visitor forever.

Keep the design responsive — to work on desktop or mobile devices, such as mobile — with an assertive message, without distractions, and with large buttons so the visitor has no doubts about what they need to do.

Since you are already here, take the opportunity to check out this example of a landing page that I have created for Stanton Insurance:

stanton insurance agency have a landing page with high conversion rate


Landing pages increase the attraction of visitors to the company’s website and allow it to relate directly to leads, automating messaging and personalized offers to also increase the chances of converting into sales.

Chances are, you came across this content from me because I am an expert at attracting people who are looking for landing pages that convert or any other topic.

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educate your leads and move them to the bottom of the funnel, turn leads into customers

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